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We are a small New Zealand company making gorgeous, plant-based skincare that is all-natural, luxurious and effective. It’s both kind to you and the planet. 

Loving the Agnes&Me Face Cream. I have been using it everyday for the last 6 weeks and have noticed a difference to the feel of my skin. I have Rosacea so my skin is super sensitive and EXTREMELY dry and of course RED. After a month of use my redness has reduced and my skin is way less reactive. Even my dermatologist commented last week that my skin was looking the best she had ever seen it. So five stars from me.

Ferne Brain / Facebook

My sister commented on how great my skin looked. I let her in on my secret. I have been using these products since December 2017 and in March 2018 she had noticed a huge improvement. She hadnt seen me for about the last three months. Made me feel fantastic and know that it not only feels great, it looks great. Thank you

Lynley Moore / Facebook

I have really dry skin and struggle to find a decent face cream – that was until I tried Agnes & Me! My skin feels fantastic since I started using the face cream. Plus the cream feels nice and smells nice too! Double win!

Tracy Nicholls / Facebook